Legal Disputes in Pandemic World

We invite you to attend online session Legal Disputes in Pandemic World on Thursday, June 18, 14:00 – 15:00 Zurich time. Events occurred since extremely successful Caspian Week 2020 forum in Davos require re-visiting and update on the key topics discussed in January 2020.
In order to reflect the changes brought with COVID-19 outbreak and economic downturn, identify risks and opportunities, highlight solutions and success stories we have initiated series of online discussions “Caspian Week 2020 COVID Update" covering wide range of subjects.

Starting from May 2020 we invite international experts, leading scientists, practitioners and policy makers representing governments and international organizations to present their views. These discussions attract great interest from the audience not limited to participants of our events in Davos.

Legal Disputes in Pandemic World is one the most important subjects. Recent challenges resulted in increasing number of disputes related wide variety of areas including international trade, investments, EPC projects, labor relationships, data protection and others. Quarantine measures have affected court practices. There are strong reasons to believe that many of the recent changes are here to stay with us in post-COVID world.

Usually our sessions take 1 hour. We invite 4-5 top-level speakers. Every speaker has about 10 minutes to presents statement and / or slides followed by moderated discussion.

Please register in advance for this webinar. Registration Link:

The webinar will also be streamed on YouTube at youtube.com/c/CaspianWeek

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Caspian Week Team