Our panelists are global industry-, academic and policy leaders debating actively about how the digital transformation will change their value chain. We feel highly privileged and thankful to have been able to assemble such an outstanding selection of leading panel members from around the world for you!

Our panelists are global industry-, academic and policy leaders debating actively about how the digital transformation will change their value chain. We feel highly privileged and thankful to have been able to assemble such an outstanding selection of leading panel members from around the world for you!
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Abdullah Khenjani
Founder, Democratic Society Think-Tank
"Conflict as the key obstacle towards interconnectivity in Asia"
Adviye Bergemann
President, Aida Tourism
"Women's leader ship; we have to encourage the women to take on leadership roles. Eco tourism: the importance of the sustainability"
Akobir Tukhtaev
Deputy Chairman, Uzkimyosanoat
"By increasing the country's export and investment potential, we can not only develop the economy, but also strengthen international relations"
Alain Belizair
Founder & CEO, Swiss Premium Education
Alex Raimondi
Director Embedded, Miromico AG
"Off-the-shelf IoT sensors using ultra low-power and low-cost satellite links"
Alexander Bychkov
President & General Director, Investment Company IC RUSS-INVEST
"Sustainable development and UN Global Compact in Russia. Opportunities and projects"
Alexander Ivlev
CIS Managing Partner, EY
Alexander Kryvosheyev
Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Eastern Europe region, Japan Tobacco International
Alicia Wilson
Vice President, Economic Development for Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Health System
Amanda Kayne
Anchor, CNN Money Switzerland
Anahit Stelmashova
Pianist, "Golden Nutcracker", winner of the XX International Television Contest for Young Musicians 'Nutcracker'
Arancha Gonzalez
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain
Aziza Umarova
CEO, SmartGov consulting
"Governments struggle to adapt quickly and this is due to the increasing complexity of regulation and the changing perspectives. Even in the digital age, the state and local rulemaking process is slow and deliberative, waiting for changes in the marketplace to create demand for regulatory changes."
Blanca Zutta
Associate Founding Member, ITSA - International Token Standardization Association, WTO
Boris Eykher
CEO, Open Mineral AG
"How much value is created by offering the scrap and by-products of the large producing facility to the global market. How online Platforms are changing B2B market for Circular economy."
Chia Pun Kok
Strategic data-expert, currently partner, Sequoia Capital
Christina Korp
Founder & CEO, Purpose Entertaiment
As a veteran of the mainstream entertainment and media industry, Christina Korp uses her experience to create and execute global marketing campaigns to promote space brands, create exciting projects, space themed products and inspiring educational programs. SPACE FOR A BETTER WORLD.
Daniel Martin
Founder & CSO, Gibiomed
"New era of Biomedical Engineering at global scale and that will have a very significant and positive impact in our society."
Dirk Ahlborn
Founder and Chairman, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies
"Hyperloop is a tube-based mobility system that travels at airplane speeds along the ground-level in a safe, sustainable, and efficient manner. Now, together with our partners around the globe, we are building -- at a fraction of the cost of any existing high-speed rail proposal -- a Hyperloop that is safe, efficient and cost-effective, and one that generates revenue from new business models. Depending on the route, the HyperloopTT system will be built to travel at up to the speed of sound -- 760 mph / 1220 km/h."
Dr. Maria Shagina
CEES Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Eastern European Studies, University of Zurich
"Given the proliferation of sanctions worldwide, a better understanding of sanctions as a foreign policy tool is necessary to prevent unintended consequences and collateral damage for third parties."
Dr. Andreas Baumgartner
Former Partner of the Office of Tony Blair/Tony Blair Associates, advising Governments of Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan
"A "string of pearls" enabling the revival of the Silk Road"
Dr. Guy Ngayo
Leadership Development, Lausanne Business School
Dr. Urs Lustenberger
Partner of Lustenberger Law Firm Zurich, Chairman of Swiss-Asian Chamber of Commerce
Dr. Ying Zhang
Associate Dean of Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus University, Chairwoman of New Silk Road Institute
Federico Sommaruga
Director Emerging Markets & Special Projects, Switzerland Tourism
Filippo Lombardi
Vice President Silk Road Support Group, OSCE Parliamentary Assembly
Francesco Andreoli
Marketing Lead at Digital Asset, Partner at Oui Capital, Co-founder of Keybox
ETH Engineer and digital Entrepreneur. Co-founder crypto-mining in Switzerland based on renewable energy (Aq. Petawatt Group, 2018). Crypto community builder. Expert in hackathons and blockchain events.
Geo Murickan
Gina Badenoch
Ashoka Fellow and Global Search Team
"In a everyone a change maker world, it is crucial to make sense of the value of having Women in Leadership roles as a complement not a substitute."
Gulnara Salimova
President and Managing Director, Uzbek-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry
"Women leaders in public and private sectors – current trends and dynamics"
Guy Blackwood
Barrister (QC), Quadrant Chambers
Hans Schwab
Co-Founder, CEO, OriginAll
"We are building OriginAll - a global infrastructure for product identification and authentication and the world's first e-commerce marketplace catering exclusively to the identification, sale and trade of original, traceable and verifiable products."
Harald Karch
Managing Partner, International Capital Partner S.à r.l.
"Which bridges to build now for meeting rising energy demands tomorrow towards a sustainable development scenario?"
Heidi Cuppari
Founder & Executive Director, Dream Tank, Founding Partner & VP, The Digital Economist
"Education & Leadership for Sustainable World - we need the world's best imaginations, and the world's only digital natives, Generation Z, to help us imagine and design a new world."
Helen Teplitskaia
Adviser to the Chairman and CEO, Sberbank
Henry Lee
Managing Partner, Hendale Group HK
Howard Pugh
Senior Specialist/Fraud Unit Team leader, Europol
"I am an excise fraud specialist, focusing on tobacco, alcohol and oils frauds."
Hulya Kurt
CO-Founder InnKick, Learning&Development, President of OWIT (Organization Women International Trade)
Igor Almazov
Power Grid, ABB Power Grids Schweiz AG
Role of Export Credit Agencies in facilitating international business
Igor Data
CDO, Integral Petroleum SA
"Big data analysis opens up new horizons for humanity. We are faced not only with technical problems, but many ethical questions, we are just starting to look for answers."
Irakli Mezurnishvili
First Deputy Chairperson, Economy and Economic Policy
Jacopo Zamboni
Deputy Managing Partner, Henley & Partners Switzerland AG
"Liquidity & talent demand generation: a model for the Caspian region based on global precedent in wealth and talent migration."
M.J. Vaidya
Adjunct Professor, NYU
Malak Al Akiely
CEO of Golden Wheat for Grain Trading Co., Co-Founder of Golden Kayan for Oil & Energy, Young Global Leader, World Economic Forum
"Women Responsible Leadership shaping global relevant policies."
Marco Passalia
Partner, ENET Energy SA and the Member of the Ticino Parliament
Martha Wiedemann
Associate Director at Badrutt's Palace Hotel
"When we speak of healthcare, we need to consider, Public Healthcare Systems, Health and Wellness Tourism, Education, Lifestyle, Environmental Practices and Workplace Wellness. The global wellness market was estimated at $4.5 trillion in 2019. In today's world of information, healthcare is a personal choice and the range of healthcare systems is vast. Whilst each individual is inspired and influenced uniquely in their health choices, it plays great importance in how it impacts a nation's economy. The future of healthcare the GCR can be measured by its investments in sustainable solutions in creating a well world for its people and environment."
Martina Fuchs
International TV Anchor & Business Journalist
Matthew Bryza
Former US Ambassador to Azerbaijan, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia
"1. The Trans-Caspian Gas Pipeline remains of geostrategic interest to the EU and could help satisfy Azerbaijan's excess natural gas demand, but is obstructed by serious political opposition from Russia, energy-related disputes with Azerbaijan, and lack of commercially attractive upstream investment opportunities.

2. The Black Sea-South Caucasus-Caspian Sea-Central Asia transit corridor has proven reliable and strategically significant to the Transatlantic community, and could now expand to cargo and data even as China pursues One Belt/One Road.

3. Though TAPI has enjoyed U.S. support for over 20 years, as well as rhetorical support from Russia and even the Taliban more recently, political risk perceptions still pose severe obstacles to financing the project, notwithstanding (or perhaps because of) the pending U.S.-Taliban peace agreement."

Modjtaba Nasseri
Manager, Joint Chamber of Commerce Switzerland - CIS & Afghanistan
Mustafa Mastoor
Minister of Economy
Njideka Harry
Founder of Youth for Technology Foundation (YTF). Ashoka Fellow and Schwab Foundation Fellow
"Changemaking skills, including empathy and leadership, will determine whether individuals are able to thrive in a fast-changing world, or will not. The status quo is no longer enough as it presents a new inequality."
Olga Sorokina
Managing Partner, O2 Consulting
Peter Voser
Chaiman and CEO, ABB
Pratibha Jain
Founding Partner,Head of the Delhi office of Nishith Desai Associates
Priya Samant
Impact Advisor, Strategy&Startups(AI), Council Member - The Digital Economist Davos 2020
Prof. Feridun Hamdullahpur
President and Vice-Chancellor, University of Waterloo
Prof. Dr. Michael Hengartner
Rector, Zurich University
Prof. Pankaj Choudhary
Faculty of Law, University of Delhi
"Fueling The Energy Transition of New India"
Ray Leonard
President, Anglo Eurasia LLC
Sardor Umurzakov
Minister of Investment and Foreign Trade
Sven Haefner
CEO, 30Thirty Capital
"High Impact Growth Capital"
Tatyana Popova
PhD, CEO, Agency of strategic programs Ltd.
"It is essential to develop system similar to River Information system in EU for future work and business on water transport in Great Caspian Region. Global projects – corridors 'Volga-Yangtze' and 'North-South' with role of single deepwater system."
Tian Chen
Senior Operations Director, Infinitus (China) Company Ltd.
"It's better to maintain wellness rather than cure illness, the holistic health principles would play a valuable role in prevention and management of chronic disease."
Vesselin Popovski
Professor and Vice Dean, Law School, O.P. Jindal Global University. Former UN official and diplomat
Vincent Subilia
Director General of the Geneva Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services
"In a competitive environment, sound regulations – to be developed by business-minded governments – should aim at leveraging innovation."
Vitaliy Kozachenko
Managing Director, Fortior Law S.A.
Vladimir Kotenev
Former Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Germany
Yasmine Fouad
Minister of Environment
"Inspired by the achievements of the ancient Egyptian civilization, linking the present to future, the Sustainable Development Strategy (SDS): Egypt Vision 2030 represents a foothold on the way towards inclusive development. Thus cultivating a prosperity path through economic and social justice, and reviving the role of Egypt in regional leadership."
Yulia Andreeva
Risk Management, Partnerships and Programme Support, United Nations Development Programme
"Future of healthcare in the Greater Caspian Region: From a Wish List to a To-Do List."
Yun Cheng
Chairman of Fosun Fashion Group, Chairman of Lanvin, Global Partner of Fosun International
Zabihullah Ziarmal
First Vice Chairman, International Chamber of Commerce, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (ICC-Afganistan)
"Economic Journey of Afghanistan: Past, Present and Future."
Ziyang Fan
Head of Digital Trade, World Economic Forum
"Technologies, not only Tariffs, will change international trade in the coming decades."
Monty Metzger
CEO at Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange
Prof. Walter Weder
Director of Department of Thoracic Surgery , Medical Co-Director, University Hospital Zurich
"The future of healthcare is driven by digital technology and genome based information and the transformation towards individualized medicine has started and will change practice further."
Dr. Andreas Wespi
Research Scientist, IBM Research, Zurich
"Neuromorphic computing will deliver more compute power at much lower energy consumption close to the end user, opening up many new business opportunities for small players"
Dr. Daniel Heller
"Initial coin offerings are valuable but need strong regulations"
Prof. Florin Baeriswyl
"We can change 'it' through education"
Dr. Nuria Oliver
"Our future depends on our ability to leverage Artificial Intelligence in a fair, accountable, transparent and ethical way."
Prof. Reza Abhari
"Future developments will be accelerated by using digital technologies to better manage business and political risks"
Prof. Ugo Panizza
"Cryptocurrency could be an answer to derisking, but we need to be careful because they could also become the new Poyais"
Jeffery Wernick
"Fiat is fraud! Trust peers and blockchain platforms that mitigate information asymmetry not institutions and agents who, supposedly for our benefit, profit from information asymmetries."
Samantha Zirkin
CEO & Founder, Point 93, New York
"Digital technology democratizes our voices and enables us to wield them at scale."
Boris Eykher
"Digitization as the game-changer as it allows the producers to automate many of their trading and supply chain activities."
Rehan Chaudhri
CEO, Peak XV Advisors, New York
"Global electricity prices will drop by 50% over the next decade stimulating growth in emerging markets beyond current expectations"
Kairat Kelimbetov
"Digital technology will reshape the financial world and will highly impact and influence the development of an International Financial Hub, such as AIFC"
Steve Johanns
"The worlds last mile…rural villages and invisible consumers."
Nataša Kozlevčar
"In the financial services industry, we are witnessing huge and fast steps toward mobile and artificial intelligence, but the banking sector is still lagging, especially in the EU."
Philip Prowse
Partner; Solicitor, HFW, UK
"It impacts upon the whole global supply chain, including in relation to the financing of the same, as processes transition from analogue to digital."
Prof. Cédric Dupont
The Graduate Institute, Geneva
"Impacts the structure and regulation of the financial and banking industry as well as, eventually, central banking and monetary policy"
Tamer Amr
Co-Founder & Partner, REInvest Capital AG
"Blockchain is changing the way property titles can be stored and managed, and smart contracts are facilitating transactions."
Stephanie Bova
Head of Takeda Digital Accelerator; CEO and co-founder of OSHI, Inc
"Digital technology and analytics will allow us to create better health outcomes and advance the science in a more patient focused way."
Prof. Alfredo Brillembourg
ETH Zürich; Founding Partner, Urban- Think Tank (U-TT), USA, Venezuela
"By streamlining educational processes and the development of technical proficiency, digital technologies allow a greater number of people to seize agency in shaping the built environment around them; an architectural renaissance."
Yorke E. Rhodes III
Microsoft; Principal Program Manager; Cofounder Blockchain
"Blockchain is a digital transformation catalyst in all it's forms from public ledgers like Ethereum and Bitcoin to private, enterprise, or consortium solutions. It is having an impact across industries and in a sustainability, humanitarian and identity landscape as well."
David L. Shrier
Director and Founder of Oxford Fintech, Oxford University. UK
"Digital technology can change both how we collaborate and learn from each other, and how we learn at scale."
Matthew L. Schwartz
Partner, Boies Schiller Flexner, Head Global Investigations and Compliance Practice
"Blockchain and other distributed ledger/cryptocurrency technology is going to be central to settlement and payment systems in the future; global regulation and regulators are racing to catch up to the technology."
Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Trojan
Senior Physician OncoCenter Zürich, Founder / mobile Health AG
"Digital Technology will provide structured, reliable and standardized Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) for doctors."
Natasha Lance Rogoff
CEO, Founder Ingredients for Education Inc., USA
"Digital technology and interactive learning to promote healthier behaviors can have the greatest impact in schools, afterschools and in community organizations where "digital-age" children have greater access to technology and are ready to adopt video, gaming and interactive engaging experiences as key components of educational content."
Dr. Veronica Lange da Conceição
Head of Innovation, Group Chief Technology Office at UBS
"While being doubtful whether cryptocurrencies will ever become a mainstream means of exchange, the underlying technology, blockchain, is likely to have a significant impact in finance."
Prof. Ernst Hafen
President Midata and former President ETH Zürich
"Data ownership: enable the control over our own health"
Preeti Sinha
Senior President and Glocal Convenor of YES Global Institute, India
"The time has never been better for women to make a difference in the world by becoming creators of the technology that empowers and redefines our future as a more equitable and prosperous world."
Richard Fritschi
Chairman, Implantica MediSwiss AG
"Digital technology impacts my industry in all areas we can think, develop and act."
Dr. Walter Grüebler
Former CEO and Chairman of Sika
"Increasing efficiency by optimal use of all relevant datas to steer the entire operation line."
Michael Huttman
Chairman & Founder, Millennium Global Investments Ltd. London
"Cyber currencies will challenge banks and exchanges and render two billion people bankable."
Taynaah Reis
CEO & Founder Moeda. Brazil
"Through blockchain technology, we are able to provide a transparent way of doing microfinance and microloan."
Prof. Alexandre Swoboda
Professor of Economics Emeritus. Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva
"Impacts the structure and regulation of the financial and banking industry as well as, eventually, central banking and monetary policy."
Anna Gincherman
Women World Banking, Chief Product Development Officer. New York.
"Education is the key to properly include the 1.2 billion women financially, which are excluded today."
Idris Al-Senussi
President, Iasco Consulting, Spain
"Digital technology enables the biggest democratic step towards the inclusion of marginal citizens, to give them an identity and render them financially inclusive"
Andreas Thors
Partners Group, Zug
"Digitalization and technical development is effecting every industry in every geography. There is a need for continued cultural change management, requirement of new skills and clear prioritization."
Hannes Schmid
Artist, Hannes Schmid GmbH. Founder and Vice Chairman, Smiling Gecko.
"Smart villages are the future, so people don't have to move into smart cities."
Katherine Hermans
Director, Global Changemakers
"Digital technology allows for innovative solutions for sustainability across all industries."
Prof. Peter Lorange
Chairman, Lorange Network. Norway
"Digital technology shall lead to many new types of jobs / tasks."
Kairat Kaliyev
Managing Director, PR & Communications, FinTEch AIFC. Kazakhstan.
"Innovation and technology have brought about a radical change in traditional financial services, therefore Financial technology (Fin Tech) will play a crucial role in the future growth of this sector, taking new ideas and turning them into successful new businesses that create high- value, knowledge intensive jobs."
Pierre-Edouard Wahl
Head of Blockchain, Director PWC, Zürich
"Cryptographic ledgers are going to provide a new dimension of mathematically provable statements to audit."
Viola Lukacs
Curator, founder and advisor at Violuk Contemporary
"Experimentation in discovering our potential and the different and unusual ways of technology use is the key."
David Cassidy
CEO, Proman Group, Wollerau & Houston
"Making old technologies more efficient is as important as just trying to create disruption. The internal combustion engine and the liquid fuel distribution market 'baby' should not be thrown out with the car market 'bathwater'."
Simona Scarpaleggia
IKEA, CEO Switzerland, Italy
Simona Scarpaleggia, from Italy, has been CEO of IKEA Switzerland since May 2010. She is a passionate campaigner for all issues surrounding women's empowerment. In 2009, she co-founded «Valore D» in Italy and later «Advance - Women in Swiss Business» in Switzerland.
Kim Azzarelli
Seneca Women, Founder, USA
Kim Azzarelli, from the USA, is a business-, philanthropic, and legal advisor focused on advancing women and girls. Together with Ambassador Melanne Verveer she is a co-founder of Seneca Women and co-author of Fast Forward: How Women Can Achieve Power and Purpose.
Afsin Yurdakul
Haberturk, Turkey
Afsin Yurdakul, from Turkey, is a news anchor at Turkey's Haberturk News Network. From 2013 to 2015, she anchored and executive-produced foreign policy programs featuring leading domestic and international figures, and oversaw the network's international news coverage as chief foreign editor.
Preeti Sinha
YES Bank, Senior President, India
Preeti Sinha, from India, is Senior President & Glocal Convenor of the YES Institute a practicing think tank at YES Bank. YES Institute is one of the leading private sector global think-tank based in Delhi, with a mission to catalyze private capital into development and growth of India.
Özlem Denizmen
Doğuş Group, Strategist; Turkey Para Durumu, Founder
Özlem Denizmen, from Turkey, is an opinion leader for 'empowerment of women in economy' in many national and international platforms. She is the Strategist for Doğuş Group, one of the largest industrial holdings in Turkey and is on the Board of Directors at Doğuş Otomotiv.
Rehan Choundhy
CEO, Peak XV Advisors, New York
Recently, Mr. Choundhy established PeakXV Advisors to identify investment opportunities in the energy, renewable, and commodity sectors.
Marten Roed
Chairman, Maxi Shipping
Marten Roed is the Chairman of Maxi Shipping an international shipping companies focused on commodity logistic in the CIS and Black Sea region.
Steve Johanns
Veriown, CEO, Founder, USA
Steve has over 20 years of experience in energy, infrastructure, and innovation and is the Founder and CEO of Veriown Global Holdings, a distributed generation and micro grid service provider with a focus on electrifying the 1.2 billion people without access to electricity and banking systems in India and Sub-Saharan Africa.
Ernst Hafen
ETH Zurich
Ernst Hafen is a leading geneticist and a promoter of the democratization of a personal data economy. He holds a professorship at ETH Zürich and served as its Presidenti. He is a co-founder of the Association Data and Health and the personal data cooperative MIDATA.coop.
Effy Vayena
ETH Zurich & Harvard
Effy Vayena is a leading expert in digital health ethics and policies. She has a professorship at the University of Zurich and a teaching affiliation with Harvard Medical School at the center for Bioethics. She is the lead consultant to the WHO for ethical and policy issues relating to reproductive health, and assisted reproduction as well as on health research ethics.
Marcel Tanner
Marcel Tanner is a global leader in public health research and epidemiology in low and middle income countries. President of Swiss Academy of Sciences and Emeritus Director of the Swiss Institute for Tropical and Public Health, University Basel and EPF Lausannev . He is the co-founder and former president of the Board of INDEPTH-Network.orgvi. Honorary Prof. University of Queensland Medical School, Brisbane, Australia and University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland.
Klaas Zuideveld
Caris Lifesciences, Dallas
Klaas Zuideveld is an expert in clinical drug development. At Roche, he transitioned from being responsible for the clinical development of Avastin, to leadership roles setting the strategic agenda in Oncology Diagnostics. He is currently leading efforts at Caris Life Sciences to develop the next generation of Companion Diagnostics.
David Haerry
David Haerry is the work package co-leader and member of the Executive Committee in the EUPATI-IMI patient project. He has been involved in the working group updating the CIOMS International Ethical Guidelines for Health-Related Research involving Humans and in several European and global research networks and research collaborations.
Giulio Haas
Ambassador of Switzerland to the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iran
Dr. Haas assumed his position in 2013, having returned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after five years as an executive board member of a Swiss private banking.
Stuard Detmer
Nobel Oil, Chairman, Azerbaijani
Stuard Detmer is acting Chairman of the Board of Nobel Oil Service, an Azerbaijani offshore drilling and services company based in Baku. He is an international executive with extensive experience in Russia and the Caspian region.
Ketevan Bochorishvili
Vice Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia
Ms. Ketevan Bochorishvili occupies the position of the Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia since 2012. Since then her main focus has been development of the investment policies and to facilitate investments into the country, provide research and analysis on Georgian markets and introduce investors to Georgian business and authorities.
Stephan Murer
PhD, Switzerland
Until last year Stephan was Group Chief Technology officer at UBS AG, responsible for architecture and innovation of UBS's information systems. Before that, Stephan used to perform the same role at Credit Suisse.
Eric Knight
Knight Vinke, CIO/CEO, London
Eric Knight is the Founder and CEO of Knight Vinke Asset Management, a deep value investor and leading activist fund manager with offices in London, Zurich and Monaco.
Adriano Lucatelli
PhD, Descartes Finance, Inc. Founder and CEO, Zurich
Adriano is the founder of Descartes Finance, a robo-financial digital advisor bringing together the latest insights in financial theory, leading technology, and successful investment specialists.
Pierre-Edouard Wahl
VP Innovation and Director Block chain, Switzerland
Pierre-Edouard Wahl is the VP of Innovation and Blockchain lead for a leading global bank. After graduating from University of Edinburgh with an Engineering degree, he began working with virtual currency and built a marketplace that used closed currency to facilitate trade while lowering the cost of transacting on the platform.
Amer Hammour
Madison Marquette, Chairman; Capital Guidance Corp, President, USA
Mr. Hammour heads Capital Guidance's Real Estate investments and operations in the US and internationally. As Chairman and founder of Capital Guidance's main US based Real Estate subsidiary, Madison Marquette, which focuses on mixed use and retail properties and projects nationally, he is responsible for setting the company's investment strategy and leads its growth and capital relationship.
Don Harkleroad
The Bristol Company, CEO, USA
Don Harkleroad is CEO of 'The Bristol Company', a private enterprise with interests in various industries, including real estate, food production and distribution, agriculture and natural resources, technology, retail, trade, and private equity and finance.
David Cassidy
Consolidated Energy Limited, USA
Mr. David Cassidy serves as the Chairman of Consolidated Energy Limited which is a leading global energy player with a world-class asset base of methanol and fertilizer assets.
Kairat Kelimbetov
Governor of Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC), Kazakhstan
"AIFC is one of the key platforms for the belt and road initiative, an unifying element between East and West"
Gurvinder Ahluwalia
CEO, Founder, Digital Twin Labs | Ex-CTO IBM Blockchain, IoT, Cloud, North America
"Chronicling from the mainframe generation followed by distributed web computing makes Blockchain our third-generation transaction system. Crypto tokens are our first generation of digitally-native incentive mechanism for governance in network platforms."
Francesco Andreoli
ETH Engineer, Swiss Entrepreneur, Hackathon and Crypto aficionado, Zurich, Switzerland
"After participating in over 20 ICO's with hugely varying regulatory compliance, the industry needs and I am looking forward to a better, professional regulatory environment."
Vitaliy Kozachenko
Managing Director, Fortior Law S.A.
English solicitor and New York attorney, member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and the LMAA, specialising in contractual disputes, commodities, shipping, banking and finance, civil fraud and international investment disputes.
Ronald Kogens
Attorney at Law LL.M. FRORIEP Legal Ltd., Switzerland
"I'm a technology enthusiast!"
Guy Blackwood
Barrister (QC), Quadrant Chambers, UK
"Creating the world's most innovative framework for international arbitration."
Kairat Kaliev
Managing Director, Astana International Financial Centre, Kazakhstan
"Tokenization becomes a significant part of digitalization and a future of stock and commodity trading."
Ben Banerjee
Board Member at European Family Offices Alliance, InnMind & Swiss Impact Investment Association, Fundraising Advisor, Zug, Switzerland
"If properly implemented and regulated, Smart Economy on Blockchain can complement the present financial system and compensate its serious flaws."
Daniel Gasteiger
Founder, CEO, Procivis AG, Switzerland
"Self-sovereign digital identity is *the* killer use case for blockchain technology."
Lili Zhao
Director, NEO Global Development
"Blockchain will help us to advance from digital economy to Smart Economy."
Louis de Bruin
Blockchain Leader Europe, IBM Blockchain, Netherlands
"Blockchain will do for transactions, what the internet did for information, allowing for drastic simplification of complex processes."
Katerina Stathopoulou
Executive director, Investments & Finance Ltd, Greece
"Female talent in shipping promotes diversity and innovation giving the industry a more competitive advantage."
Dr. Aleksandra Gadzala
CEO, Magpie Advisory
"Around the world, women are making gains in policy and in business. In some countries where this is the case – countries like Bangladesh or Ethiopia, for instance – women are beating the odds in highly patriarchal societies. What approaches work best and why? What is the strategic rationale for investing in women entrepreneurs and leaders as a vehicle to catalyze economic growth? And what kind of innovation is needed to increase women's economic participation as entrepreneurs and in general?"
Dr. Jan Hoffmann
Chief of Trade Logistics Branch, DTL at UNCTAD, Switzerland
"Technological Progress will never be as slow as today."
Paolo Sironi
FinTech Thought Leader, IBM, Germany
"Transparency generates a new consequentialist ethic which only can change world governance for the better, thus foster individual and ecosystem anti-fragility by means of holistic behavioral awareness."
Olesya Nazarova
CEO & Founder, Appareal, Switzerland
"Giving Women Confidence in Business, Sustainably."
Bozhanka Vitanova
NSF I-Corps Instructor, Brandeis University, USA
"If we want new generations to be ready for the future of work, their education needs to be about learning how to create value for others."
Marina Gracia March
Co-Founder, Start Universe, Spain
"Entrepreneurship in education is a fundamental tool to reduce fear of failure."
Marc P. Bernegger
Board Member, Crypto Finance Group, Switzerland
Marc P. Bernegger is a Fintech and Crypto Entrepreneur. Since 2010, Marc is active as an investor focusing on fintech. He is in the advisory board of FinLeap, co-founder of Crypto Finance Conference and he is board member of Falcon Private Bank, Crypto Finance Group and Greater Zurich Area. Marc was awarded as '100 most successful people under 40 in Switzerland' by BILANZ.
Iñigo Merino
Digital Transformation Expert SAP, Spain
"How to survive to the future of the technology: the Key Topics that all C-Level executives need to know about Digital Transformation."
Giorgio de Carlo
General Director, Quaeris, Italy
"How and who could get reliable result and better previsions from the growing amount of unstructured data available? The challenge of the near future will be to extract weak signals from the growing noise."
Bibop G. Gresta
Co-Founder & Chairman, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc., USA
"New transportation technologies impact the future in many ways by bringing a plethora of benefits such as, saving time, costs, energy to travel between point A to point B at tremendous speeds while achieving maximum efficiency and effectiveness using renewable sources of energy thereby reducing pollution and being seamless, sustainable, feasible and easily integrated across all modes of transport."
Ray Leonard
President, Anglo-Eurasian LLP, Houston, USA
"The utilization of the vast resources of natural gas in the Caspian region can be part of solution in capping the emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere and slowing the effects of climate change."
Alessandro Trivilini
Head of Digital forensics Service, University of Applied Sciences of Southern
"Digital forensics and cyber defense."
Paolo Lezzi
Executive VP, European Center for Advanced Cyber Security, Milan, Italy
"From Passive Defense to Permanent Alert to Active Response."
Carlos Moreira
Founder, Chairman and CEO WISeKey, Geneva, Switzerland
"The spirit of this initiative is to promote the use of blockchain technologies internationally, facilitate the rapid adaptation and on-boarding of blockchain-based solutions, foster stronger collaboration between the public, private and academic sectors and cooperate to ensure that the latest technological standards are made available in a safe and trusted manner."
Pascal Buchner
Director Information Technology Services and Chief Information Officer, IATA, Geneva, Switzerland
"Security is about brand protection."
Dr. Matteo E. Bonfanti
Senior Researcher, Center for Security Studies, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland
"The Cyber Crime-Terror Nexus: Should We Believe the Hype?"
Helder F. Antunes
CEO, GDS360, D.C., USA
"The world needs a different approach to cybersecurity."
Giuseppe Buganè
General Director, Furlong S.r.l., Italy
"Development Southern Europe Block-trains to Far East and Central Asia double the spin to Eurasia economic integration."
Angie Hartmann
President, WISTA Hellas; Starbulk S.A., Maroussi, Greece
Angie has been an active member of the Greek shipping community for the last 25 years. She currently holds the position of Executive Vice President – Crew Affairs and is in charge of monitoring the crew plans on bulk carriers adhering to sound manning practices and proper financial principles, as well as strengthening the company's affairs with crews.
Angie is an active member of WISTA Hellas since 1999 and President of WISTA Hellas since April 2014.
Despina Panayiotou Theodosiou
President, WISTA International; CEO, Tototheo Maritime, Limassol, Cyprus
Despina is President of WISTA International and board member of various organizations like the Cyprus Shipping Chamber, the Cyprus Employers and Industrial Federation etc.
Leading international shipping publication Lloyd's List selected Despina as one of the Top 100 Most Influential people in shipping in 2017 and 2018 she attained a further credit as one of Lloyd's List's Top 10 Women in Shipping in 2018.
Don Harkleroad
President, The Bristol Company, Roswell, USA
Don Harkleroad is a businessman, (The Bristol Company) lawyer, and commentator on economic trends, market forces, company development, and geopolitics, with a worldwide view. His wide experience in investment, venture capital and company management are transnational. He is a member of the Davos Circle, and The Society of International Business Fellows. His headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
Simon Goodman
Leading Expert on Caspian Seal conservation, Leeds University, England
"A healthy Caspian Sea ecosystem is fundamental to human wellbeing and economic activity in coastal communities, but a key challenge is to find new ways to enhance transboundary collaboration on sustainable bioresource management, and increase the funding available for biodiversity protection."
Vladimir Usov
Founder and CEO, Kwambio, New York, USA
CEO and founder at Kwambio. First additive manufacturing company focused on advanced ceramics and bioprinting. TED speaker and Techstars member.
Prof. Xavier Oberson
Professor, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Xavier Oberson is Professor of Swiss and International Tax Law at the University of Geneva since 1994.
He has published numerous books and articles, notably: «International Exchange of Information in Tax Matters. Towards Global Transparency», Edward Elgar Publishing, London 2015; «Droit fiscal suisse», Basel 2011, 4th ed (Helbing & Lichtenhahn); as a co-author, «Switzerland in international tax law», 4th ed., Amsterdam 2011 (IBFD Publications) and others. Since 2016 he has initiated a research on the potential taxation of robots.
He initiated and is the director of the recent LL.M. (Master of Advanced Studies) in Tax of the University of Geneva, which started early 2011.
Professor Oberson also practices as an attorney-at-law, member of the Geneva bar since 1987, partner of Oberson Abels SA, in Geneva, Switzerland, a law firm specialized in tax or commercial matters.
Alexander Ivlev
CIS Managing Partner, EY, Moscow, Russia
Alexander is actively involved in the work of the Foreign Investment Advisory Council in Russia. In 2007 WEF elected Alexander as Young Global Leader. In 2009 he was included in the top 100 leaders in the Russian Presidential Reserve. He is a member of the World Economic Forum's Expert Council.
Alexander is a member of the Organizing Committee of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Gaidar Forum, Eastern Economic Forum, Expert Council of the Open Innovations Forum, and Public Council of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.
In June 2017 Alexander was elected Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Russian Anti-Doping Agency. Alexander supervises the EY Entrepreneur of the Year program in CIS. Alexander has over twenty years of experience in strategic development, client service and government and corporate affairs.
Sarah Hunt
Partner, HFW, Geneva, Switzerland
Sarah Hunt acts for a range of trading companies, charterers and owners in disputes involving in particular petroleum products, cement, coal, ethanol and soft commodities.
She has also advised extensively on the applicability of international sanctions, including US, EU and Swiss sanctions.
Zhanar Aitzhanova
Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Switzerland, Bern, Switzerland
Prof. Antoine Geissbuhler
MD, Director, Digital Transition, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Passionate about digital transformation, prof. Antoine Geissbuhler, MD, an eHealth expert, leads the strategic transformation projects at the 2000-bed Geneva University Hospitals, the Digital transition of the University of Geneva, as well as a large telemedicine network active in 300+ hospitals in 20+ LMICs.
Luka Groselj
Associate, Attorney at law, Schellenberg Wittmer Ltd, Geneva, Switzerland
Luka Groselj specializes in international arbitration spanning a range of industries. Luka also regularly acts in proceedings before the Swiss Supreme Court. He further advises a variety of clients both in Switzerland and around the world on a wide array of Swiss contract law matters with a particular focus on the CIS, Greater China and Mediterranean regions.
Bryan Fok
Associate, Solicitor, Schellenberg Wittmer Ltd, Geneva, Switzerland
Bryan Fok has practised in Beijing, Hong Kong, London and is currently based in Geneva. Bryan specialises in cross-border dispute resolution and complex international arbitrations, with a particular focus on joint venture and shareholders' disputes in the energy and finance sectors. Bryan is Hong Kong's Regional Representative for the International Chamber of Commerce Young Arbitrators Forum. He is also a member of the Global Steering Committee and vice chair of the East Asia Committee of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Young Members Group.
Vesselin Popovski
Professor and Vice Dean, Law School, O.P. Jindal Global University. Former UN official and diplomat
"Producing and sharing knowledge is crucial to resolve the challenges of the 21st Century."
Sukehiro Hasegawa
President of GPAJ, Executive Director, Academic Exchange of UN Association of Japan. Former Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations to Timor-Leste.
"Sharing ideas and resources through global cooperation and governance is the best way to resolve the contemporary challenges and achieve sustainable peace and development as Japan has done through the UN system after WWII."
Cholley Paydar-Bavanpour
Founder, Cholley SA, Lugano, Switzerland
Born in Tehran and completed his studies in France, Mr Cholley is the co-founder of CHOLLEY SA that produces High-end Dermo Cosmetics in Switzerland since 1989
Yenkong Ngangjoh-Hodu
Professor of International Economic Law, Manchester University
Apart from his academic activities, Mr Hodu is a regular adviser to many governments and UN Agencies on trade, investment and international financial law. He is also currently the Director of Postgraduate Research and director of Master programme in International Business and Commercial Law at the University of Manchester.
Xiankun Lu
Managing Director, Ledeco, Geneva, Switzerland
Professor LU is columnist of China Plus. He has published numerous articles in selected Chinese and foreign journals and have participated in the writing of some books on various subjects including global governance, WTO, China's economic and trade policies, China's reform and opening-up and foreign relations. He frequently receives interviews by Chinese and international media including China CGTN.
In 2015 Professor LU was Professor of China Institute for WTO Studies, University of International Business and Economics of China (UIBE).
Before that, Professor LU was appointed as Counsellor and Head of Division for Cross-cutting Issues of the Permanent Mission of China to the WTO in Geneva, Switzerland.
Angelo Scorza
Editor in Chief and Founder, Ship2Shore, Genoa, Italy
Editor in chief and founder of Ship2Shore, since 1993 the Genoa (Italy)-based Angelo Scorza is an international economic journalist specialised in maritime, port, transports, logistics also cooperating with national newspapers and correspondent from Italy for several international publications.
Daniel C. Crosby
Partner, King & Spalding, Geneva, Switzerland
Daniel Crosby is a specialist in international trade, investment and matters related to public international law for over 20 years.Daniel helps sovereign and business clients to achieve practical economic objectives around the world by applying and negotiating international agreements.
C. Raj Kumar
Founding Vice Chancellor, Law School, O.P. Jindal Global University. Prof. Raj Kumar conceived the idea of India's first 'Global University' and with the visionary and philanthropic support of the benefactor, Naveen Jindal, established O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU) in 2009
"The global vision and highest quality standards set in establishing India's first 'Global University' led to its unrivalled success as world-class educational institution".
Irene Pivetti
President, Only Italia, Logistics & Trading, Milan, Italy
President of the Chamber of Deputies in the Italian Parliament in the Nineties, at 31, Irene Pivetti is now leading Only Italia Network between Italy and China.
Alba Medina
Co-founder, Dalia Empower, Mexico City, Mexico
Alba Medina Flores is a serial entrepreneur as well as an investor in global start-ups. Alba is shareholder and Commercial Director of Grupo Fame-Altozano, a private Mexican holding primarily comprised of car dealerships, real estate developments and financial services.
Alba has been an active member in over 18 boards that include Citibanamex, Consejo Michoacano de Negocios (first woman in history to become elected), Mundo Ejecutivo, Nacional Financiera, Forbes LATAM, and others.
Medina Flores is involved with multiple organizations for women empowerment worldwide and enjoys speaking in national and international panels as well as keynote conferences on women empowerment and entrepreneurship that include ASCOA in New York and the Global Women´s Forum Summit in Deauville, France. In 2016 Alba was selected as a Rising Talent of the Women´s Forum for Economy and Society and was named ¨Entrepreneur of the Year¨ by the Chamber of Commerce of the City of Guadalajara (tech hub in Mexico).
Juan Lopez-Villarejo
Head of Machine Vision Program - Data Scientist, Office for the Promotion of Industries and Technologies, Geneva, Switzerland
Head of Machine Vision Program for Western Switzerland / Data scientist at OPI. Previous researcher at CERN, EPFL and CEA laboratories. PhD in theoretical physics.
Stephan Siegenthaler
Board Member, Chief Strategy Officer & Marketing and Sales, Implantica, Zug, Switzerland
Education in Arts, after a first successful career in classical music switch to medtech. 1995 cofounder and CEO of OBTECH MEDICAL AG, sold to J&J, thereafter co-founder of Implantica.
Pietro Poretti
International Trade Consultant & Head, Economic Development, City of Lugano, Switzerland
Pietro Poretti has specialized in international trade law and policy for over 13 years. He served as senior legal officer of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and as counsel for a Geneva-based law firm. He currently works for the City of Lugano where he is in charge of economic development.
Rolf Endriss
CFO, Swissponic, Lugano, Switzerland
Mr Endriss is responsible for renewable energy and portfolio management at SESl energy company in Switzerland. President of the Board of Raiffeisen Switzerland. Cofounder of Swissponic agritech start-up.
Marco Gaia
Head of the regional Center South, MeteoSwiss, Locarno, Switzerland
Marco Gaia has a Degree in Atmospheric physics from the ETH Zurich University. In 2001 he joined the forecasting service at MeteoSwiss. Mr Gaia is Head of the regional Center South of MeteoSwiss and member of the Board of MeteoSwiss, the national meteorological service of Switzerland since 2008. Since 2015 he acts as deputy of the head of the domain "Analysis and forecasting".
Irina Nikitina-Haefliger
President, Musical Olympus Foundation, Russia/Switzerland; Chair, Committee for Culture, Asgardia — The First Space Nation
Irina Nikitina is a winner of many international music competitions worldwide. Since 1995 she is the President of the Musical Olympus Foundation established upon her initiative in St. Petersburg.
In 2016 Irina Nikitina has started the Enigma Cycle at the TV Russia-Kultura: a series of 40 minutes long interviews featuring top world musicians.
She is laureate of the "Olympia" Russian National Award of Public Recognition and Silver Archer USA Award.
Irina Nikitina is a member of the Board of the Geza Anda International Piano Competition, President of the Associations of Friends of the Musical Olympus (Zurich, Switzeland), member of the Board of Civilizations Matter (Berlin) and member of Honorary committee of the German-Russian Young Leaders Forum "The New Generation". Since 2015 she is the Head of the Board of Trustees of the International Television Contest for Young Musicians Nutcracker.
Hua Fan
Head of department "Alternative investment", China Investment Corporation, Beijing, China
Named as one of "Top 25 Women in Asset Management" by Asian Investor, Dr Fan has been with the Chinese SWF CIC for 10 years as a Senior Managing Director. Before that she was with Goldman Sachs for 11 years. She also won Industry Leadership Award by "100 Women in Hedge Fund" in 2015.
Robert Zaremba
CTO, CEREALIA, Lausanne, Switzerland
Robert has more than 10 years of building and designing IT Solutions: data intelligence, analytics, distributed systems, and also crypto-economics and entrepreneurship. He is recognized as a thought leader in emergent technology, FinTech and sustainable economy disruption.
Leon Shpilsky
Minister of Finance, Asgardia — The First Space Nation
Deputy of Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, Asgardia-The Space Nation. Mr. Shpilsky most recently served as the Principal/Head of Corporate Development at Oxford Sciences Innovation Ltd. in Oxford, UK.
Mr. Shpilsky also currently holds the position of CEO at Asgardia AG. He is a graduate of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles with a BS in Business Administration.
Leon Shpilsky has worked on investment banking deals, as well as in capital raises, international investment into high tech and innovation projects, and the expansion of businesses internationally.
Altogether, Mr. Shpilsky has more than 30 years of professional consulting experience.
Ainur Turisbek
Designer, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Ainur Turisbek is a men's and women's wear designer based in Almaty. Thanks to her strong vision, aesthetics and understanding of quality the entirely self-taught designer has broken the boundaries of Kazakshtan fashion and now presents and sells her collections during Paris Fashion week and her creations have been featured in countless international publications. Turisbek is a specialist in meticulously crafted leathers and furs combining the energy of sub-cultures with timeless luxury. In recent seasons the collection has also grown to include menswear, jersey and wovens. In Turisbek's hands notions to the traditional Kazakh dress or decoration are always modern, often with a twist borrowed from military or athletic uniforms. Compared to many of her fellow "dark" designers Turisbek's message is always positive combining strength with warmth and fragility.
Doctor in law, Fashion designer of own brand "Ainur Turisbek".
Laurent Horvath
Member of the OASC Board, OASC: Open & Agile Smart Cities, Geneva, Switzerland
Laurent Horvath is the Smart City manager and lead for the city of Carouge/Geneva in the European project Synchronicity including Helsinki, Antwerp, Eindhoven, Milan, Porto, Santander, Manchester. He was elected by the 120 cities of OASC to represent them in the board of OASC worldwide. He has an MBA from the Dallas University and a Master's Degree in Science from Xavier University, Ohio, USA. Born in Switzerland,he won the Basketball Swiss Championships in 1992 with Vevey.
Shumakov Sergey
CEO and Director, Kultura TV Channel, Russia
Sergey Shumakov works at the Russian Television since 1990, as producer and director at TV Channel 1, Chief Producer of the NTV, Deputy Director of the VGTRK holding, Chief Producer of the TV Channel Russia. Since 2009 he occupies the position of CEO of the TV Channel Russia-Kultura.
He is a producer of many feature films, documentaries, series, informational programs and talk-shows.
Marcel Muenster
Founder & Director, The Gritti Fund, USA
Marcel Muenster is a serial entrepreneur, a Johns Hopkins-trained medical doctor, public health professional, and management consultant. He is the founder and CEO of Doctor in Your Pocket. An industry leading global digital medical concierge service, giving international travelers access to trusted local, virtual, and house call doctors around the clock anywhere in the world. In 2015, Marcel was a finalist for Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year Award. His work has been featured on Forbes, TechCrunch, New York Times, and other industry-leading publications. Besides his CEO role, Marcel also mentors companies as part of his Entrepreneurship Unplugged World Tour and engagement with Techstars. In his latest endeavor, Marcel founded The Gritti Fund, the world's first purpose-driven, and happiness-focused investment fund.
Monty C. M. Metzger
CEO and Founder at LCX, Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange
Monty C. M. Metzger, is an internet veteran and acclaimed thought leader on the future of digital. Monty graduated in Germany and in Switzerland - but he had been an entrepreneur since early on, as he found his first Internet company back in 1998 while still going to school. Then he co-founded several tech companies and co-founded a future research and technology consultancy with offices in Beijing, Tokyo, Munich and New York. Monty is a professional keynote speaker with almost two decades of speaking experience. He has been invited to many high-level conferences, corporate events and leadership workshops in Europe, USA and Asia.
Zhenwei He
Secretary General of China Overseas Development Association (CODA)
As a former diplomat and possessing working experience in National Development and Reform Commission of PRC, Mr. He has handled and experienced a large number of overseas investment projects and accumulated rich experience. In 2009, Mr. He founded China Overseas Investment Fair (COIFAIR), which has been successfully held for 10 consecutive years and had great impact at home and abroad. In 2018, as the major initiator, Mr. He successfully established the China-Russia Regional Cooperation and Development Investment Fund, which was backed up by the two heads of the states.
Vladimir Kotenev
Ex-Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Germany; Managing Director, ECOVIS Strategic Consulting Berlin GmbH, Berlin, Germany
Mr. Kotenev had a long and successful diplomatic career. Former Head of the Consular service of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he managed 240 consulates around the world. Member of the Consultative Board East of the Deutsche Bank AG.
H. E. Mr. Zulfiquar Ghadiyali
CEO at The Royal office of Sheikh Tahnoon bin Saeed bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan
H.E. Ghadiyali is a fifth generation construction & Steel manufacturing entrepreneur, which lead to his impeccable business acumen and as a CEO, he is involved in major businesss and strategic management of investment projects. H.E. Mr. Ghadiyali has also been involved in various Social entrepreneurship projects across Asia, India and Africa.
Such companies include UHAUL logistics, Fire fly Aerospace and Cinemoi Technologies in the USA while ING Robotics, which develops ISTAR level UAVs for both civilian and defence applications. Mr. Ghadiyali is a partner at the WDH corporation, and several large US defence corporations on several defence projects worldwide.
Thierry Beaupied
Head of Trading, Trans-Oil International
Early 90' Thierry was among the very first at that time to open the Black Sea markets after the collapse of the USSR. In 2003 Mr Beaupied joined Trans-Oil Int SA as head of trading. He has 30 years of experiences in International agri-commodities trading, seed crushing, farming and supply chain.
Marco Compagnino
Attorney-at-law, Certified Accountant and Tax Expert, CM Legal- Studio Legale, Lugano
Marco is founding partner in CM LEGAL Studio Legale in Lugano, an independent firm in association with Mercanti e Associati. His practice encompasses all aspects of international taxation and business law.
Maria Koteneva
President of the Board of Trustees of the young leaders organization "New Generation: Russia -Germany", Member of Ambassadors' Club, Berlin, Germany
Ricardo Fuochi
President, OMLOG INTERNATIONAL SA, Chiasso, Switzerland
Murat Seitnepesov
Managing Director, Integral Petroleum SA, Geneva, Switzerland
Murat Seitnepesov has a university degree in natural science from one of the leading universities in Russia and many years of successful experience in trading and logistics, networking and long-term professional relationships in the regions and in the industry. 10 years ago, he founded the company Integral Petroleum SA, that became a successful player on the Caspian and international trading and logistics arenas.
Mr Seitnepesov is an ideological inspirer and a Chairman of the Organizing Committee of Caspian Week.
Pratibha Jain
Founding partner, Nishith Desai Associates, Delhi, India
"The growth and evolution of Indian economy including its integration with the global economy and contribution to trade, investment and services has created unparalleled opportunities. India is deeply committed to building strong, substantive and sustained partnerships across Caspian counties with a view to strengthening the economic and trade related ties. The opportunity to work across various corporate, legal, trade, investment, technology, and services sectors is the vision of this effort."
Hassam Negm
First Secretary, Head of the Economic and Commercial Bureau of the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Tokyo, Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Tokyo, Economic and Commercial Bureau
"Regional economic cooperation is becoming crucial in nowadays world of global challenges and conflicts. As a new AU Head, Egypt eyes greater role in Africa in 2019.Egypt is currently focusing in eliminating all obstacles in the way of trade between African States. Egypt will use its presidency of the AU in 2019 to advocate for the continent economically and politically and push for the economic, political and legislative reforms in Africa in order for the continent to have a greater say in world affairs."
Marco Passalia
Secretary General, LCTA and member of the Parliament, Ticino, Switzerland
Kairat Kulbayev
Founder and CEO of Almaty Symphony Orchestra and Aurora Event Management, ex-head of the Department of Culture of Almaty, Kazakhstan
Enrico Roselli
CEO, LaMartina, Italy
Mateusz Benko
Tehran Convention Officer, UN Environment- Europe office, Geneva, Switzerland
Maria Berezikova
Project Leader, Caspian Week, Switzerland
Dmitry Kalinin
CFO, Integral Petroleum SA, Switzerland
Frederik Schlingemann
Senior Advisor, Interim Secretariat of the Tehran Convention, Geneva, Switzerland
Vadim Lysenko
Head of Business Development, Gamaya SA, Morges, Switzerland
Sana Belgibayeva
Sales Director, Swiss Eco Line, Lausanne, Switzerland
Rolf Senti
CEO, Member of the Board Swiss Eco Line, Zurich, Switzerland
H.E. Dr. Mamuka Bakhtadze
Prime Minister of Georgia
Andrey Masalovch
PhD, author of Web Intelligence technology Avalanche
Helen Teplitskaia
Adviser to the Chairman and CEO, Sberbank, Russia
Dr. Mouad Lamrani
Director, Menicon Co., Ltd., Geneva, Switzerland
Rania Al-Baroudi
Directrice, GENEVA CREATIVITY CENTER, Switzerland
Souleïma Baddi
CEO, Komgo, Geneva, Switzerland
Yury Zubov
Deputy Head of Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Moscow, Russia
Evgeny Tarlo
President of the Foundation "Rule of Law", Moscow, Russia
Marina Romanova
Senior lecturer, Moscow state institute of international relations