Art for Caspian Charity Auction

On Friday, we officially closed the Caspian Week 2018 with a tasting of Domaines Burnier wines and a charity auction.
Sergey Dubroff, a famous Russian artist who works under the pseudonym of JODU, kindly donated four of his art works for the Art for Caspian auction, in order to support different charitable projects in the Caspian region. Sergey had created 10 paintings especially for the exhibition during the Caspian Week. These art works symbolize the innovation in the Caspian Region, whereby each painting represents one of 9 Caspian countries: Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Iran and Tajikistan. One additional painting was made to show the rapid transformation of the region. Another special feature of the series of art works was the unique QR code every picture carried; a novelty in the art world. When scanning the code of any of the paintings with a phone, you would be directed to the website of that particular country.

Normally, you can only find JODU paintings in private collections of the Daimler and Maybach families, as well as at homes of Russian celebrities such as Chulpan Khamatova and Mikhail Zhvanetsky. The Caspian Week guests were therefore pleasantly surprised to be able to find his inspiring artwork in Davos; especially the lucky few who became proud owners of an original JODU!

Burnier wines originate from the Krasnodar region at the Black Sea and is made according to traditional cultivation methods. Marina and Renaud Burnier, the founders of Domaines Burnier, gave a fascinating presentation about the history of the wines, the regional diversity and the re-introduction and cultivation of historical and indigenous grape varieties. This presentation and of course the exquisite taste of the wine perfectly accompanied the atmosphere of the evening.