Innovative projects: Manufacturing innovations, Robotics

We already have different types of robots: Robots, so-bots, cobots. What is next? Will robot have legal standing? Or might they even pay taxes? What does all of this mean to humanity?
Humanity itself adapts to the use of Artificial Intelligence. We are at the threshold of this new era.
Speakers: Vladimir Usov, dr. Juan Lopez-Villarejo
In manufacturing, we are making progress. Innovations save time, reduce waste and show us what will come next. While earlier robots were used for replacing arms, next it will be brains. There is a 50% chance that AI will outperform humans at every task within the next 45 years. AI will have a huge impact on jobs and on the future of jobs for humans.

  • This panel was dedicated to the following questions:
  • Creation of Value with the revolution of manufacturing innovations and Robotics
  • Machine vision for industrial control of defects
  • Traditional vs. modern manufacturing
  • The Future of jobs
  • Risks
Speakers: Vladimir Usov, dr. Juan Lopez-Villarejo