Investments in sustainability: available tools and models

Sustainability is a concept that can be described differently depending on the sphere it is applied, but obviously has become necessary and integral approach that many companies and infrastructures should stick to.
The moderator: Edith Aldewereld. Speakers: Boris Korchemkin, Navroop Sahdev, Linar Yakupov, Jacopo Zamboni.
The moderator of the panel, Edith Aldewereld, Founder, Women in Sustainable Finance, Zurich, Switzerland, defines Sustainability as the progress in companies which is in line with the resources of our nature.

Boris Korchemkin, Managing Director, Russia & CIS, Aon, Moscow, Russia describes Aon as global provider of risk management solutions and insurance brokerage services that helps companies, national governments, stake holders or investor funds to invest into sustainable companies. The main message of the speaker is that companies must stick to sustainability in our competing times or they will not be able to get insurance or financing.

Navroop Sahdev, Founder and CEO, The Digital Economist, MIT Media Lab, Washington DC, USA believes that sustainability is not enough nowadays, people need to regenerate eco systems actively. It is necessary to facilitate not disruption, but transition to sustainable future and care about shared community resources. What we need now is to regard the planet resources that are not limited.

Linar Yakupov, Adviser to the Prime Minister, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia reminds us of the importance of the Republic where The Great Caspian Region starts with Volga river. Astana International Financial Center 's construction, being a platform for interacting with other countries, is one of the latest important initiatives of international level. The application of International rules is highly supported by governments and considered to be a rule of communication.

Jacopo Zamboni, Deputy Managing Partner, Henley & Partners Switzerland AG, Zurich, Switzerland speaks about regional cooperation as an important part of modern world and an alternative to wars and conflicts. He speaks about some state facts: Authorities usually encourage investments; Some economies are successful but focused, specified; Foreign investments are not usually foreign ones. Government with amended legislation could attract funds in case the risks are mitigated. Jacopo speaks about state programs in some countries such as Malta, Italy etc. from which investors can benefit by investing into their development.

An interesting research shown that about 80-90% of investments are made into women entrepreneurs because about 90% of money are returned then. People need to engage to make new standards for sustainability in our lives.

Linar Yakupov adds that China has somehow become dominant investor among other countries, and it worries a bit from the point of view of security. Thus, the best formula could be a diversification of investment from different countries where international cooperation takes place. Sustainability from investments' point of view is about creation of new industries with active participation of locals.

The moderator: Edith Aldewereld. Speakers: Boris Korchemkin, Navroop Sahdev, Linar Yakupov, Jacopo Zamboni