Breakfast with the expert:
Web Intelligence and Big Data Analysis

Professor Andrey Masalovch is an expert in analyzing Big Data and Web Intelligence. During this enlightening morning session, Professor Masalovch has made it clear that we do not understand the ramifications of Big Data and the security threats that come with it. Hackers might be a step ahead of us and leverage our lack of knowledge by manipulating the data for a specific goal.
Andrey Masalovch, PhD, author of Web Intelligence technology Avalanche.
Professor Masalovch revealed how Google analytics and Facebook or some or popular apps like Trello or Strava we are using, are not safe. A lack of knowledge makes us quite vulnerable, for instance, there are bots who collect our (personal) information, deleted pages, and our communications in social networks. Professor Masalovch concluded his session by emphasizing the importance of educating us in order to protect ourselves.