The expectations on the future of the American economy under a Trump administration could not be more opposing.
Caspian Week Conference: Day Three (Davos, 2017)
For the pessimists, the world since Nov 9th 2016 has turned into a hopeless state of affairs and economic abyss is expected across the board. For the optimists, a perceived cloud has disappeared and their economic sun has started to shine! As much as the future is unknown, so are the economic bets placed on the incoming administration. The optimist investors are cheering and have been happily deploying capital into equities leading to a bountiful 9% rally of the DOW since November. The pessimists remained long bonds and lost a fortune with the 10-year Treasury yield rising 1%! What kind of economy can we expect from the businessman and builder called Donald J. Trump? It must be great! After all, his administration boasts a combined 83-year experienced team in business as compared to a five year one under Obama? Or might an expected gilded four years turn into confusion for many?

We are proud to present to you an outstanding panel of highly accomplished American entrepreneurs. All are leaders in sectors of energy, infrastructure, agriculture and real estate. They are the real builders of the backbone of a healthy American economy! Present panel members have built their companies on their own and have proven superior leadership in navigating successfully shifting economic policies and under changing market environments over decades in terms of capital allocation and risk mitigation.
Our high level panel address fundamental questions:

• Will the declared economic vision by Trump lead to increase growth?
• Is an 'America's Infrastructure First' policy ready to absorb structural capital allocation?
• Will energy become again a core pillar of the American economy?
• How will agriculture and the Midwest accommodate new policies?
• Will the financial magic be resurrected under decreased regulation?
• Are lower taxes really leading to increased investments?