Importance of the cultural education for the international relations

Demonstrating musical skills, young talented guys prove the fact that music units people disregarding
nationality, age, gender, and other parameters.
The moderator: Irina Nikitina-Haefliger. Speakers: Anahit Stelmashova, Alexander Dolgov, Azamat Zheltyrguzov, Yi-Ping Yang.
During the discussion about the importance of music in people's lives, speakers of the session presented by young generation were playing musical instruments.

Anahit Stelmashova, 13 years old, Pianist, "Golden Nutcracker", winner of the XX International Television Contest for Young Musicians 'Nutcracker', Georgia. She lives in Akhalkalaki town, it is about 300km far from Tiflis where she studies in Tiflis Central Musical College. Anahit had dreamt for years to participate in "Golden Nutcracker" competition before she came to Moscow and took part in it. It was a great experience to meet outstanding musicians, pianists from all over the world and took the best from them.

She would like to meet other musicians since it is very important for every young musician.

Alexander Dolgov, Laureate of VII Igumnov Moscow Open Competition Family Ensembles (Moscow, 2017, 1st prize), VIII International Music Competition Children in the World of Ancient Music (Moscow, 2018, 1st prize). Alexander is 10 years old, he chose saxophone since he is fond of the sound of it. He knew about the participants from different countries and was not afraid of competition at all.

The leader of this session points to the interesting fact such as the ability to learn and remember music even if a person suffers from Alzheimer's. That is why it is important to instill love to music to children from their childhood.

Alexander would like more people to learn playing music. Music to his opinion is an international instrument everyone understands in the world.

Azamat Zheltyrguzov, Kazakh National University of Arts, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan. He believes that they are the representatives of culture and there are no borders and problems with the languages in music. The culture of the East and The West goes through The Silk Road i.e through Kazakhstan. Azamat named two famous Kazakh musical instrument dombra and kobaz that are ancient ones. Speaking about present of Kazakhstan, nowadays it tries to get into 50 most developed countries. Many new operas, musical institutions were built in the capital.

International competitions are especially important because it is a good exchange of experience, art and culture.

Yi-Ping Yang, Percussioniste, France. She is a percussion professor in Shanghai. Music unites instruments, nationalities, and genres. In her mind competitions are particularly important since they imply involvement not only musicians but also public. It is a movement in general sense that gives power to musicians by showing curiosity from public.

Music unites and helps people to understand others. Music is everywhere, it is the richness itself, the power for people.

The moderator: Irina Nikitina-Haefliger. Speakers: Anahit Stelmashova, Alexander Dolgov, Azamat Zheltyrguzov, Yi-Ping Yang.