Biotech and Healthcare. Digital Innovations

The panel on the important topic of Digital Technology in Healthcare made it very clear that Technology can make a significant difference in the lives of people all over the world; for instance lessons from less developed countries can be extrapolated to places like Geneva.
The moderator: Rania Al-Baroudi. Speakers: prof. Antoine Geissbuhler, Laurent Horvath, dr. Mouad Lamrani, Marcel Muenster, Stephan Siegenthaler, Helen Teplitskaia.
Added value from using technology is that we can gather data, which on its turn can improve healthcare as well. The panel members entered a heated discussion about the implications of Digital Healthcare after some good questions from the audience, and the warning was being made that the doctors will always have the final word, at the end of the day, and doctors are human and therefore can make mistakes. The technology can provide a tool, which healthcare can adopt, and can augment the services the medical staff can provide, however, it cannot replace the doctors.