Breakfast with experts on digital technologies

Digital technologies have led to a great progress in the sphere of data analysis, data storage and at the same time information intercept and hackers' attacks. More about new programs, how they analyze data and where are used in our everyday life we can learn from the experts on digital technologies.
Speakers: Andrei Masalovich, Oleg Soloviev.
Andrei Masalovich, President at Inforus Consortium; CEO at Lavina PULSE, Moscow, Russia opens the session with a discussion of digital data, its security, analysis, and hackers' attacks. Nowadays there is a lot of digital data, but there is not enough intelligence to operate with it. OSINT-Open Source Intelligence is a set of tools that can be used for business. Modern solution is to provide special drivers that will collect data before a user. After collecting real data, the programs come to separation using neural networks. As the result the analysts work with 1-2 thousand of pieces information that is important for people. The speaker shows the real example of riots reveal with the help of special program analysis.

Andrei tells another outstanding story of a man (Boris), showing that placing necessary information to the Internet can bring more chances and advantages to you than your competitors.

Andrei Masalovich presents a special program Avalanche that helps to protect people from hackers. It concentrates on 3 basic things that are vital for digital transformation: people, process, and technologies. Now the system has 3D data analysis with visual representation. He calls it "one step before cyber weapon" because it can trace every person on the Internet.

Oleg Soloviev, CEO, Econophysica Group, London, United Kingdom focuses on energy sphere in his presentation. He mentions the report showing how digital technologies transform oil and gas industry boosting efficiency by capital expenditures by 20%. The expert shows different active and archaic digital data about oil industry, factories, and data storage. Mathematical models, hedge funds in petrochemicals are the fields Oleg's company works in. For example, by analyzing data during the reactor exploitation, they identify the data that indicates emergency of certain anomalies that can lead to breakdowns. The company came up with the model for fast anticipation of the problems with the equipment to save time, money, and lives.
Speakers: Andrei Masalovich, Oleg Soloviev.