Education & Leadership for Sustainable World

Different approaches, methods and problems are presented and supported with examples during
discussion of education and leadership topics. New technologies that are actively used now are
considered to be a double-edge sword in many ways.
The moderator: Vesselin Popovski. Speakers: Dr. Guy Ngayo, Heidi Cuppari, Njideka Harry, Prof.C.Raj Kumar, Christina Korp, Alain Belizaire.
Leadership crisis and sustainability crisis are the topics being discussed during this session touching the vital theme such as connection of leadership and education.

Dr. Guy Ngayo, Leadership Development, Lausanne Business School, Switzerland states that all the researches on leadership are not conclusive so far, but it is a little bit genetics and mostly development. In modern changing world with new technologies the young generation wants freedom, contribution and the work that would make sense to them. Active participation of women in leadership, international mobility and more diverse workforce nowadays are among other factors for the fast changes. SDG requirements imply being positive to society and staying in harmony with environment. Economic power shift shows that different countries are developing fast sticking to new business models and new leadership styles. New business models approach means usage of company's designed strategies paying attention to digital transformation and to integration of SDG goals to what is developed as strategies. The speaker talks about new leadership competences as the ability to integrate different approaches, skills, business styles and not to ignore modern technologies, staying friendly to environment.

Heidi Cuppari, VP, The Digital Economist, Founder & Executive Director, Dream Tank, Boulder, USA.

Dream Tank is a way for kids dreams to create the future. Every child lives through dream crushing when hearing from adults about the impossibility of its realization. Dream Tank teaches to be passionate and not refuse from children dreams. They instill children at the age of 7 the ability to live and dream right now. The organization created Dream Desire Launch project that is an accelerating program with social impact on sustainable development that teaches young guys how to manage with obstacles. There are companies that choose young children with modern and fresh ideas to contribute to their business by sponsoring their projects and innovative approaches.

Njideka Harry, Founder of Youth for Technology Foundation (YTF). Ashoka Fellow and Schwab Foundation Fellow, USA. She strongly believes that fundamentally everyone has a talent, the question is whether a person has access to the right opportunities. In developing countries educating programs are obsolete and need to be revised. Investigations showed that advanced technologies not only bring new jobs and skills, but also increase inequality.

Njideka found a concept of gender an interesting one as well. Some researches show that in the world of work in leadership confidence matters as much as competence that are usually attributed to men. Dr. Guy Ngayo adds that the confidence men have comes from basic experience in having this leader position, while women have to achieve that. Institute of leadership in Switzerland is expected to focus on leadership development in developing countries because opportunities are coming there now.

Prof.C.Raj Kumar, Vice Chancellor,O.P. Jindal Global University, India. Education connects almost everybody in the world. One of the big challenges connecting education theme is dramatic changes in technological sphere including artificial intelligence-robotics. He sticks to the opinion that despite these innovations, the heart of education will never change. There is a natural tendency to step to the direction of new technologies and embrace them, not fully understanding that the study of humanities and social sciences will define the decisions and choices people make. Young generation prevails in India nowadays and it needs right education and leadership. That is why, it is vital to develop leadership that could challenge the existing framework and make up a new imagination not forgetting about social orientation.

Christina Korp, Founder & CEO, Purpose Entertaiment, Florida, USA. Inspiration is that necessary component that would fill people with desire for achievements. Kids and space are amazing part of nature and people get inspired with them. If we inspire children from young age, we will keep them going and make achieve something great in the future. There is an example given by Christina describing a guy of five years old watching moon landing who has become a famous person now- Jeffrey Bezos. The inspiration he got was so strong, that he desired to create something that would change the world.

Prof.C.Raj Kumar adds that achievements in space investigations are no longer confined to developed countries. India had a successful Mars mission that costs less that movie "Gravity" in Hollywood.

Alain Belizaire, Founder & CEO, Swiss Premium Education, Bouveret, Switzerland had experienced different levels of education and considers that we need to bring a new transformative way of teaching to the audience. Most of the Institutions now make collaboration with companies, government organizations to exchange best practices. A lot of researches on innovations, transformation and sustainability have been made in Switzerland and these outcomes and experience researchers are being successfully exchanged between the universities.

The moderator: Vesselin Popovski. Speakers: Dr. Guy Ngayo, Heidi Cuppari, Njideka Harry, Prof.C.Raj Kumar, Christina Korp, Alain Belizaire.