Cyber Security

The panel on the current topic of Cyber Security dealt with the rise in security breaches and massive hacker attacks, despite the investments in mitigating these issues. The panel members agreed that banks, organizations and individuals are not aware enough of cyber security. It is often discussed, but the real threat is underestimated.
The moderator: Marco Passalia. Speakers: Helder F. Antunes, Matteo Bonfanti, Pascal Buchner, Carlos Moreira, Paolo Lezzi, dr. Alessandro Trivilini, Helen Teplitskaia.
Cyber Security is more than people reading your emails; it can go as far as someone blocking your company's activities. The panel members provided a clear warning for the audience: 'we cannot rely on technologies such as firewalls. We need to be aware, test our systems, in order to be sure that we have the maximum level of defense. It needs to have the level of real life security.' It became clear that this is a watershed change from how Cyber Security has been perceived so far. The panel was unanimous in their conviction that we need to raise awareness on the topic, to create a change in cultural behavior, and that there needs to be an interdisciplinary collaboration in sectors such as business and academy in order to create effective protection that should be embedded in the design of companies and systems, rather than mitigate attacks if and when they happen.