Innovative Trade & Finance

The panel members came from different backgrounds, which meant there was a vivid discussion. The panel members agreed that digital instruments are key in order to provide clients with the best possible service. Banks, companies and other institutions have to innovate constantly, to not just follow trends, but to create trends.
The moderator: Alexander Ivlev. Speakers: Kairat Kelimbetov, Gurvinder Ahluwalia, Souleïma Baddi, Robert Zaremba, prof. Xiankun Lu, Paolo Sironi, Helen Teplitskaia.
In some cases innovation has an importance that touches the core of doing business. One panel member mentioned an example whereby several banks went down, because of double accounting. Block chain can provide uniqueness in order to prevent such events. The panel members also agreed that holistic, transparent behavior would be the way forward. Mainly because it is important to approach issues with a systemic approach in order to tackle the issues that beset us all, such as climate change. Not all panel members agreed on transparency as a clear path forward, seeing that there should be a balance between transparency and privacy in order to provide clients with versatility. This led to the point that Cyber Security in the space of privacy should not be called innovative, seeing it should be a given. The panel members concluded that it is hard to predict which of the current innovative technologies will continue to exist, and which will disappear of the stage.