SDG in the health and wellness industry

In the world of accessibility where you can buy almost everything except health, people more often start thinking how to prevent undesirable diseases. Lots of programs, concepts and ideas of sustainability that modern companies prefer to use nowadays are aimed at both nature and human care.
The moderator: Martha Wiedemann. Speakers: Prof. Sacha Salzberg, Yulia Andreeva, Tian Chen, Andrea Parodi, Koteneva Maria, Daniel Martin.
Prof. Sacha Salzberg, Herz und Rhythmus ZENTRUM shares his ideas about how for-profit clinical setting in industrial countries can also help drive non-profit development for translation of knowledge and science into healthcare industry to bring therapies to the people on humanitarian missions. Sasha and his medical team provide treatment to the people around the world who cannot allow it on volunteer base. Eurasia Heart, a medical foundation dedicated to health and education has 4300 surgeries worldwide and more than 21300 patients treated.

Yulia Andreeva, Risk Management, Partnerships and Programme Support, United Nations Development Programme, Geneva, Switzerland describes the work of the team as the fight with epidemics in the most challenging countries such as Afghanistan and Sudan. Moreover, they work with the Great Caspian Region. There are 5 reasons of spreading infectious diseases all around the world: overpopulation, globalization and accessibility of travel, climate change and conspiracy theories preventing from vaccination.

Nowadays the Greater Caspian Region and Central Asia are showing a high degree of HIV among population (10-15% per year) and the official number of infectious people is speeding up. The main reasons of steady increase every year are criminalization, the absence of sex education, medical privacy laws.

Tian Chen, Senior Operations Director, Infinitus (China) Company Ltd., Qingdao, China speaks about herbal medicine the company produces. The company also organizes public lectures for people about national medicine, the diets, the products we eat. The concept Tien Chen talks about is Optimization QI or Vital energy, which is a constant flow of energy in the human body. Qi enables basic functions and supports daily activity. Balance of Yin and Yang is an essential concept the speaker mentions. There are five basic elements in Chinese culture such as fire, wood, earth, water and metal that correspond to body inner organs.

Andrea Parodi, Founder, Parodi Nutra s.r.l., Campomorone, Italy. The company produces and spreads rare vegetable oils for food and cosmetics. People are used to eating what is convenient and fast to get even understanding that too much processed food is not healthy. The company Andrea works for collects seeds from all around the world and makes oil, proteins, and fibers.

Koteneva Maria, Co-founder, Wellcure, Moscow, Russia speaks about increasing resistance of diseases and preventions. Stress is linked to six leading causes of death. The center Maria presents has floatation programs that can help struggle with stress and diminish the level of cortisone.

Daniel Martin, Founder & CSO, Gibiomed, Spain claims that usually people use the waste which is not appropriate for health. First, we need to eliminate it, then need to turn to the products that are useful for healthcare.

The moderator: Martha Wiedemann. Speakers: Prof. Sacha Salzberg, Yulia Andreeva, Tian Chen, Andrea Parodi, Koteneva Maria, Daniel Martin.