Illicit Trade: how to mobilize business and fight effectively

The usage of modern technologies in fighting with counterfeit and illicit trade can be seen as a double edge sword. Though specialists come to a conclusion that blockchain and other tools together with proper legislation are effective and necessary to protect brands.
The moderator: Martina Fuchs. Speakers: Andrew Howard, Boris Kontsevoi, Sergey Kizyan, Daniel Martin, Hans Schwab.
Hans Schwab, Co-Founder, CEO, OriginAll, Geneva, Switzerland believes that legislation to a certain extent plays a crucial role in fighting against counterfeit and illicit trade. Brands need to adopt the idea of secure trackability in completely different dimension, governments need to play role in imposing necessary legislation and measures. Speaking about business mobilization and effective fight, Hans points to the problem of adoption and creating necessary platform that could allow you to verify what already exists.

Sergey Kizyan, CTO, Intetics Inc., Ukraine describes the work of the company he works for as the creation of software to fight with digital illicit trade and protection of goods. Boris Kontsevoi, Founder and President, Intetics Inc adds that it is impossible to build sustainable business based on something illegal since it will not last long. He sticks to the opinion that the combinations of government actions and technologies can help to sort out this problem. Interesting thing here is that technologies can both help to fight with illicit trade and speed up its development. Preventing of a bag is ten times cheaper than fixing a bag-an important remark made by Boris answering the question about current strategies in the company.

Andrew Howard, CEO, Kudelski Seсurity speaks describes the work they do as business case protection and keeping the business of the partner legitimate and alive. Blockchain is the technology that can solve the problem and provide transparency to the trade. Faster technologies development and more regulation is the key point here.

Sergey points to the government necessity to create conditions for specialists to operate in the technological areas to find illicit trade solutions.

Speakers believe that the combination of national government and international treaties will help to come up with and draft all necessary regulations. They underline the place of technologies that will only help with law enforcement. We need international shift in thinking model implementing traceability system for products across the border. For example tobacco and pharm industries have gone ahead in security, but many other categories are on the line and need to be traceable to avoid counterfeit. These solutions would be effective but still it takes time to put it into practice.
The moderator: Martina Fuchs. Speakers: Andrew Howard, Boris Kontsevoi, Sergey Kizyan, Daniel Martin, Hans Schwab.