Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain

The first panel discussion of the day dealt with AI and Blockchain. The topic is quite broad, however, the panel members all are experts in a specific field related to AI or Blockchain and they have been able to lend their expertise to the proceeding of the panel. The general expectation is that legislation will catch up with AI and will provide a legal framework for it.
The moderator: Paolo Lezzi. Speakers: Marc P. Bernegger, Louis de Bruin, Giorgio de Carlo, Breda di Piave, Monty C. M. Metzger, Hans Schwab.
One question that of course came up during the panel discussion is whether or not humans are still necessary and if so what their role would be. The panel members are unanimous in their belief that AI is a tool and as such will always need humans who have the capacity and understanding to utilize these tools. Whatever new technology we use, is only as useful as our intelligence. Having said that, our intelligence is being enhanced by these tools, especially is we think of intelligence not as individual, but as collective intelligence. AI is not going to supersede human intelligence, it is a technology that can support collective intelligence, for instance in decision making processes. In order to be able to utilize these technologies, it is important to educate ourselves.