Economics of Intelligence: New Digital Landscape for Industries and Markets

With the growth of innovations, we inevitably observe the increased demand and necessity in protection of intellectual property. A variety of security tools that could defend property rights have been already created, but still, we raise lots of questions that remain open.
The moderator: Marina Krynzhina. Speakers: Evgeniy Tarlo, Yury Zubov, Sam Saddigh, Margarita Vasilyeva.
The key subject of discussion is about the protection of intellectual property that is becoming the most important factor which determines the countries' position in the world. A reliable level of this protection stimulates scientific research, the development of culture, the practical use of technologies, literature, and art. The countries of the Greater Caspian region are actively integrating into international policy to develop an accessible international system by stimulating creativity, innovation, and contribution into economic progress. By this speech Marina Krynzhina, MGIMO university, Russia opens the discussion about the economics of intelligence.

Evgeniy Tarlo, Rule of Law State Foundation, Russia states the fact that the war between The USA and China started in the field of intellectual property. That proves that we undermine the importance of protection of intellectual property rights. Nowadays China competes with well-developed countries in the field of most advanced innovative technologies that cannot be imagined thirty years ago. Obviously, there will be tough competition between other countries in this field. It means there is necessity of establishing international regulations that would sort out problems with the protection of intellectual property rights.

Answering the question Evgeniy adds that the raw material got from the Greater Caspian region is now being sent to the Western countries and to the South. Until we do not stop the distribution of it, origin countries will remain poor in development point of view.

Yury Zubov, Deputy Director General, Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Russia points to the fact that digitalization of economy and intellectual property rights are topics that go hand by hand. The latest technologies are changing the landscape. Less and less time is required from the moment of creation of a technology to the stage of its implementation. Thus, the main tool for the protection of intellectual properties' rights is the creation of cyber platforms to enable protection.

Sam Saddigh, CEO&Brand Strategist, Knightbridge Branding mentions the time when intellectual property rolled out specially when it was a disruption, and a lot of assumptions were made on capability of innovations. But when it came to its implementation, there were pretty many gaps. It is consumers' confusion and confidence issues of what these innovations and technologies can do.

Speaking about the brand, Sam thinks it is just a logo, just a highly underutilized approach of external perception and emotional connection to a product. On business and economic level and in market strategy there is a cohesive line both in terms of technology development and target market.

Margarita Vasilyeva, First Vice President International Relations Financial and Legal activity, Russia claims that before making investments it is vital to study the project. To attract investors Russia and other partner countries are about to create a mechanism to protect the results of intellectual property and make it clear for every party.

Many specialists say we have a breakthrough in the field of intellectual property in Russia. Mr. Zubov adds that there is a growth of applications to register innovations, for example the growth of trademarks applications is 15% this year. The same escalation of register applications is observed in technology and industrial spheres. The experts also expect the growth in development and innovations in artificial intelligence by adopting special governmental programs in Russia that are aimed at securing intellectual property. A new platform with more than 150 million of information items of patents throughout the world as well as trademark creation system will be launched this year.

Mr. Tarlo giving astonishing examples of implementation of artificial intelligence in our lives nowadays raises a question about responsibility and rights for the name, image, or trademarks. Since the owner of any product created by intelligence intellect cannot be defined yet, we just can ask these important questions.

The moderator: Marina Krynzhina. Speakers: Evgeniy Tarlo, Yury Zubov, Sam Saddigh, Margarita Vasilyeva.